Centro Studi in Economia e Finanza

Department Centro Studi in Economia e Finanza

This centre (known by its Italian acronym CSEF) was founded in 1998 by the University of Naples "Federico II", the University of Salerno and the University of Milan "Bocconi", with the aim of conducting and promoting research on family choices, financial economics and microeconomic theory.

The principal objective of CSEF is to bring researchers from Salerno, Naples and Milan into contact with international research on these themes by organising seminars, conferences, exchanges and joint research projects.

The organisational structure of the centre is situated at the Department of Economics of the University of Naples "Federico II".

CSEF hosts researchers and PhD students from other Italian and international universities, and it holds a weekly research seminar which is open to scholars and doctoral students. It also collaborates with the Masters Degree in Economics and Finance at the University of Naples "Federico II".

As well as strengthening connections between the three aforementioned universities, the centre hosts research fellows, organises seminars and conferences and manages research projects as an independent legal entity.

The Director is Tullio Jappelli and the Administrator is Lia Ambrosio.