Laboratorio Giuridico per le Imprese Pubbliche e Private

Department Laboratorio Giuridico per le Imprese Pubbliche e Private


D'AMATO PaoloResponsabile Tecnico
D'AMBROSIO MarcelloResponsabile Scientifico

This laboratory (known as LAGIPP) has the central aim of carrying out research in various areas of Law, as it applies to economic life. More specifically, it has the following objectives:

  • to identify legal themes - both theoretical and practical - connected to the activities of firms, in the public and private sector, with a particular focus on the dynamics of national and international institutions, with a view to coordinating investigations and identifying applications;
  • to study the evolution of jurisprudence and legislation - national and international - as well as the development of doctrinal thought in the aforementioned sectors;
  • to support the publication of research results by members;
  • to offer to firms and public institutions solutions which are compatible with the practical requirements of the market;
  • to develop and coordinate research activities in sectors of interest, providing scholars and researchers with the tools they need to complete their research projects;
  • to train specialists who are able to provide the advice and assistance necessary for the identification of solutions to the legal problems associated with the activities of firms;
  • to organise conferences, workshops, seminars and other actions that might contribute to the improvement of teaching;
  • to promote contracts and conventions for research projects or scientific collaboration with public and private bodies, in Italy or abroad.