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Research activities in the area of Law and the Market cut across several different scientific disciplines, such as Private Law, Labour Law, Commercial Law, Public Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law and International Law.

The most important strands of research relating to private law include the following:

  • credit protection and guarantees;
  • contractual autonomy and European Law;
  • systems of inter-firm relations;
  • contractual aspects of banking operations;
  • associational phenomena;
  • consumer protection.

As far as Labour Law is concerned, the most relevant strands of research include:

  • autonomy and subordination;
  • flexible and temporary labour contracts;
  • public sector employment;
  • concertation and bargaining;
  • compensation payments and employment relations.

The main research themes in the area of Commercial Law are as follows:

  • the reform of competitive selection procedures;
  • the rights of investors and the protection of savings;
  • mediation and arbitration in firm relations;
  • mixed companies.

In relation to Public Law, research activities relate to processes of constitutional transition and are centred on the effectiveness of public policies in relation to social rights and economic development.

Research in the field of Administrative Law aims to link tradition and innovation in an environment characterised by legislative interventions and institutional transformations, which make it necessary to carry out new analyses of of such classical institutes as:

  • participation in administrative action;
  • legitimate interest and administrative functions;
  • public contracts.

In the field of Tax Law, the main research activities relate to the supranational and international aspects of taxation.

Finally, as far as International Law is concerned, the main themes which are studied are:

  • "new technologies" and International and EU Law;
  • intellectual property rights;
  • human rights and international commerce;
  • the actors and rules of global governance: G7/G20, multinational companies and soft law.


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