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  • Claudio Pinto (DISES - Universit√† di Salerno) "The formation of a DEA-based economic network"

Seminario, 9 Maggio 2018 (ore 15.00) Sala dei Consigli

Claudio Pinto (DISES - Università di Salerno) "

The formation of a DEA-based economic network"


The issue of the network formation is of interest for economists, applied statisticians and strategic managerial scholars. The motivation behind this interest differ from economists to strategic managerial scholars. Here, we deal with the theoretical formalization, the methodological approach and the empirical analysis of the DEA-based economic network. This work is the extension of a previous working paper where was developed a data-driven method to form and represent the DEA-based network, that put togheter the DEA peers group analysis and the SNA‘s adjacency matrix technique. In fact here, the theoretical formalization it has been developed using the strategic approach, meanwhile, the empirical analysis is focusing mainly on the structural holes and the brokerage role analysis.

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