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Basketball Data Science


Martedì, 21 maggio 2019, ore 12.00-14.00. Sala dei Consigli Dises

Paola Zuccolotto, Marica Manisera (University of Brescia)

Basketball data science


The talk will deal with the most recent advances on basketball analytics, with an essentially empirical approach. After a brief description of the state of the art, different data sources that can be fruitfully used to perform basketball analytics will be introduced with reference to their effective use with the functions of the forthcoming R package BasketballAnalyzer, that will be thoroughly presented, also with the help of real data examples. Attention will also be devoted to more structured case studies, aimed to show how selected statistical methods and data mining algorithms can be applied in basketball to solve practical problems.

Paola Zuccolotto and Marica Manisera are scientific coordinators of the international project BDsports (Big Data Analytics in sports, bdsports.unibs.it), whose main aims include scientific research, education, dissemination and practical implementation of sports analytics.