Collegial Bodies

Department Collegial Bodies

The Director is the legal representative of the department and defines its basic policies. He or she is solely responsible for the patrimony of the department and oversees the work of its technical staff. The Director remains in charge for three years from the date of nomination and can only receive two consecutive mandates. The Director chooses a Vice-Director from amongst the full-time professors of the Department, to substitute him or her in all functions in the event of absence or other impediment.

DESTEFANIS Sergio PietroDirector
D'AMBROSIO MarcelloDeputy Director

The Junta of the department helps the Director in the exercise of his or her functions and prepares and presents its proposals to the Departmental Council.


DESTEFANIS Sergio PietroDirector
LUCIANI VincenzoMember
MENICHINI Anna Maria CristinaMember
PARRELLA Maria LuciaMember
MAZZOTTA FernandaMember
SENATORE LuigiMember

The Departmental Council is composed of the Director (who presides), all lecturers and researchers who form part of the department, the Head of the Office for Collegial Bodies (who takes minutes), one representative for technical and administrative staff and one representative for PhD students.

The Council takes decisions on research aims, partnerships and the assignment of role and responsibilities. It deliberates on the main questions regarding departmental policy and meets at least once every month.


DESTEFANIS Sergio PietroDirector
Tutti i professori ordinari afferentiMember
Tutti i professori associati afferentiMember
Tutti i ricercatori afferentiMember
Una Rappresentanza dei ricercatori legge 240/10 (tipo A) - t.det. afferentiMember
CIRILLO Michele (Rappresentante degli studenti)Member
CAPUANO Tatiana (Rappresentante del Personale tecnico-amministrativo)Member
SABATINO Pasquale (Rappresentante del Personale tecnico-amministrativo)Member
SCAFURI Francesco (Rappresentante del Personale tecnico-amministrativo)Member
ALTAMURA FABIO (Rappresentante dei titolari di Assegno di ricerca)Member
MARINARO Graziano (Rappresentante dei dottorandi)Member