Laboratorio di Ricerca e Didattica avanzata in Statistica

Department Laboratorio di Ricerca e Didattica avanzata in Statistica


AMENDOLA AlessandraResponsabile Scientifico
ALBANO GiuseppinaMembro
CORETTO PietroMembro
DOTTO FrancescoMembro
GIORDANO FrancescoMembro
GIORDANO GiuseppeMembro
LA ROCCA MicheleMembro
METULINI RodolfoMembro
NIGLIO MarcellaMembro
PARRELLA Maria LuciaMembro
PERNA CiraMembro
RESTAINO MarialuisaMembro
STORTI GiuseppeMembro
VITALE Maria ProsperinaMembro
MILITO SARACollaboratore
PETTI DANILOCollaboratore
FEO GIUSEPPECollaboratore Esterno

This laboratory (denominated StatLaB) aims to develop research activities and to provide opportunities for advanced training and discussions in relation to statistical methods and applications. The main areas of research relate to the estimation and prediction (using parametric and non-parametric techniques) of evolutionary phenomena, as well as statistical methods for financial analysis and risk management, the analysis of high-dimensional data arrays and the statistical analysis of socio-economic data.

StatLaB is a centre for planning and implementing statistical investigations, for data collection and analysis, which is open to the requirements of the local area through scientific cooperation with firms, public bodies and national or international institutions. In this role, it has belonged to the university's Quality System since 2006, and has obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification for "Design and implementation of statistics studies ans activities of statistical skills transfer".

In particular, the activities of the laboratory have the following aims:

  • to develop and coordinate research activities in relevant sectors, providing scholars and researchers with the laboratory tools that they need in order to complete their projects;
  • to provide technical support - in terms of software and hardware - for the application of computer-intensive techniques of data analysis;
  • to promote the diffusion and publication of the results of studies and research projects carried out with the assistance of the laboratory;
  • to continually develop and promote placement opportunities in the field of Statistics by coordinating theoretical and practical activities for degrees and advanced training courses;
  • to organise conferences, seminars and advanced teaching activities in relation to statistical methods and applications, with reference to social and economic themes;
  • to promote scientific cooraperation and collaboration through the adoption of conventions, contracts and by participating in local and national research projects.