Laboratorio di Ricerca in Economia Sperimentale di Salerno

Department Laboratorio di Ricerca in Economia Sperimentale di Salerno


SENATORE LuigiResponsabile Scientifico
ABATEMARCO AntonioMembro
ALDIERI LuigiMembro
AUTIERO GiuseppinaMembro
BARONE AdrianaMembro
BIMONTE GiovannaMembro
BRUNO BrunaMembro
COPPOLA GianluigiMembro
DELL'ANNO RobertoMembro
FAGGINI MarisaMembro
FESTA GiuseppeMembro
MAZZOTTA FernandaMembro
O'HIGGINS Shane NiallMembro
MENICHINI Anna Maria CristinaMembro
NESE AnnamariaMembro
PARISI LaviniaMembro
ROMANO Maria GraziaMembro
SORGE Marco MariaMembro
VINCI Concetto PaoloMembro
SABATINO PasqualeResponsabile Tecnico

This laboratory was established with the aim of promoting understanding of individual behaviour by using experiments designed by economists and other social scientists. In 2008, before LabEss was created, a sizeable group of economists at the University of Salerno contributed to the establishment of a Inter-University Centre for Experimental Economics (LabSi), based at the University of Siena.
In particular, this laboratory proposes to:

  • promote the use and diffusion of experimental methods in Economics through the involvement of scholars with different scientific skills, from the areas of Economics, Cognitive Science, Cognitive Psychology and Company Organisation;
  • to develop and coordinate research activities on experiments, providing scholars and researchers with the tools necessary for carrying out laboratory research in Economics and Cognitive Science;
  • to train specialist figures who are able to provide the advice and skills necessary in order to prepare and analyse experimental data;
  • to organise conferences, workshops, seminars and teaching activities in relation to the use of laboratory methods in Economics and Cognitive Science;
  • to stipulate contracts and conventions for research projects or scientific collaboration with public and private bodies.

Technical-Scientific Committee

Aldieri Luigi, Dell’Anno Roberto, O’Higgins Niall, Menichini Anna Maria, Nese Annamaria, Luigi Senatore, Pasquale Sabatino.