Biblioteca di Dipartimento

Department Biblioteca di Dipartimento

The library of the Department of Economic Sciences was established in 1985 with the addition of the library of the Institute of Economics (about 5000 volumes) to the library of the Institute of Economic History (about 4000 volumes). Later 6000 volumes were added and subscriptions to about 300 journals were activated.

In 1996, with the creation of the new Department DiSES, the library was further expanded to acquire the library material from the Institute of Statistics (about 6000 volumes and 40 journals), as well as the ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics) publications.

In 2018 the Library moved to the "E.R. Caianiello" University Central Library.

All the library material is available for students and faculty. It is possible to check the home page of the University Library Portal to keep current on this issue ( )

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