International Mobility

International International Mobility

Information for incoming students

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General information

Before leaving, during your stay and at the end of your stay.

Erasmus coordinator
prof. Anna Ferragina (
Incoming students are assigned a tutor (see the download section below). Students should contact their tutors if they need to check/modify their Learning Agreement.

Lecture timetable and exam calendar
- Economia aziendale (Bachelor’s Degree)
- Economia e commercio (Bachelor’s Degree)
- Economia, valorizzazione, gestione del patrimonio turistico (Bachelor’s Degree)
- Statistica per i Big Data (Bachelor’s Degree)
- Scienze dell'amministrazione e dell'organizzazione (Bachelor’s Degree)
- Economia (Master’s Degree)
- Economia, Governo e Amministrazione (Master’s Degree)
- Scienze statistiche per la finanza (Master’s Degree)

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Bando mobilità per studio

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Outgoing students:

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International Relations

The learning opportunities provided by the Department includes several courses in English, with the following aims:
- to improve the labour market prospects of graduates by introducing them at an early stage to a multicultural and international environment;
- to encourage contact and exchange with students from other countries;
- to faciliate the many foreign students who spend time studying at the Department of Economics and Statistics.

Each year, dozens of students and researchers take part in international mobility programmes through the agreements promoted by the University of Salerno, leading to cultural enrichment and improved work opportunities.

Courses offered in English

See the list of courses offered in English by our department.

Some statistics on the international mobility of DISES

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